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2 in 1 delay ON and delay OFF car front lights switch timer relay kit 20A 12V

Car front lights Timer relay with accuracy: DELAY OFF TIME from 1 to 160 sec DELAY ON TIME from 1 to 50 sec
$16.00 $14.00

Cyclic timer switch time relay kit 10A with 2 set times

Upgrade your control systems with our Cyclic Time Relay, designed to provide precise timing intervals for various tasks and applications.
$13.00 $11.50

DC motor reverse polarity switch DPDT relay module 2A 12V door coop chicken DIY

Revolutionize your motor control experience with our cutting-edge module designed to flip the script on traditional setups.
$8.00 $8.50

Positive switching car dome interior light delay switch timer 1 to 25sec 10A 12V

Tired of fumbling in the dark when you close your car door? Say hello to our innovative Dome Light Delay Timer Module, designed to bring modern convenience to your vehicle's interior lighting system!

24V dc motor reverse polarity cyclic timer switch time repeater 900/960s 1A

Upgrade your automation processes with our Cyclic Time Relay, a versatile solution designed to provide precise timing intervals for various applications.

turn signal module 12V 4 LED OUTPUTS 5 x 0.5w 0.1A 

This circuit can be used to indicate left and right turn on a car, motorcycle, motor-bike. Two identical circuits will be needed, one for left and one for right.